Heal Your Body From the Inside Out

Lie back in one of our infrared saunas

Are you looking for a place to rest up and let your body restore itself? Nurturing U Spa provides a comforting, relaxed environment where you can activate your body's ability to heal. When you visit our spa, you'll find a friendly team committed to making your experience a pleasant one.

This is the healing environment you've been wanting

Your body knows how to heal itself. Often, you simply lack the right environment and tools to allow natural healing to happen. By using sculpt pods and the Sunlighten dome, Nurturing U Spa provides a soothing, solitary space that activates your body's healing abilities.

Whether you work with one of our full-body infrared saunas or you choose to work directly with a massage therapist, you'll find the downtime you've been dreaming of at Nurturing U Spa.

Our spa is conveniently located off I-69 in Burton, Michigan. Come to our relaxing environment to destress and detoxify.

The healing power of heat

Too often, the methods we use to improve our health and lose weight involve imposing harsh restrictions on ourselves. We drive ourselves harder, deprive ourselves of more and tell ourselves if there's no pain, there's no gain.

Nurturing U Spa takes a different approach. We utilize the healing power of gentle, pervasive heat to help you...

Lose excess weight | Boost collagen production | Quicken your metabolism

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